Cummins ISB 5.9L 24V

Cummins ISB 5.9L 24VThe Cummins ISB 5.9L is a 5.9 L (5,883 cc, 359.0 cu·in) six-cylinder four-stroke liquid-cooled turbocharget diesel engine with a horizontal shaft, manufactured by Cummins from 1998 to 2007.

A 102.0 mm (4.02 in) cylinder bore and 120.0 mm (4.72 in) piston stroke give the ISB 5.9L 24V engine a total of 5,883 cc of displacement. The compression ratio rating is 17.2:1.

This engine produced from 218 PS (160 kW; 215 HP) at 2,700 rpm to 329.0 PS (242 kW; 325.0 HP) at 2,900 rpm of horsepower and from 420 N·m (42.8 kg·m, 309.5 ft·lb) at 1,600 rpm to 610 N·m (62.2 kg·m, 449.6 ft·lb) at 1,600 rpm of torque.

The Cummins ISB 5.9L features:

  • OHV design
  • Single turbocharger, air-to-air intercooler
  • Cast-iron cylinder block
  • Cast-iron cylinder head with 24 valves (4 per cylinder)
  • High swirl bowl combustion chambers
  • Induction hardened forged steel crankshaft
  • Chilled ductile iron camshaft
  • Cast aluminum pistons and cross rolled micro alloy connnecting rods

General information

Engine Specifications
Engine modelISB 5.9L 24V
Engine type4-stroke, OHV, 6-inline
Displacement5.9 L, 5,883 cm3, (359 cu·in)
Max. horsepower From 218 PS (160 kW; 215 HP) at 2,700 rpm
to 329 PS (242 kW; 325 HP) at 2,900 rpm
Max. torque From 420 N·m (42.8 kg·m, 309.5 ft·lb) at 1,600 rpm
to 610 N·m (62.2 kg·m, 449.6 ft·lb) at 1,600 rpm
Cooling systemLiquid-cooled
Lubricating systemForced lubrication
Fuel system 1998-2002: Electronically controlled Bosch VP44 rotary injection pump
2003-2007: Bosch high pressure common rail injection system
Turbocharger 1998-1999: Holset HX35W
2000-2004: Holset HY35W
2004-2007: Holset HE351CW
Firing order:1-5-3-6-2-4
Dimensions (L x W X H)1015 x 633 x 963 mm (40 x 24.9 x 37.9 in)
Dry weight522 kg (1150.0 lbs)

Cylinder Block and Head

Cylinder block
Cylinder block alloy:Сast-iron
Compression ratio:17.2:1
Cylinder bore:102.0 mm (4.02 in)
Piston stroke:120.0 mm (4.72 in)
Cylinder internal diameter (standard):102.000-102.116 mm (4.0157-4.0203 in)
Piston skirt outer diameter (standard):101.750-101.793 mm (4.0059-4.0076 in)
Number of piston rings (compression / oil):2/1
Piston pin diameter:39.990-40.003 mm (1.5744-1.5749 in)
Side clearance (Second):0.045-0.095 mm (0.0018-0.0037 in)
Side clearance (Oil):0.040-0.085 mm (0.0016-0.0033 in)
Ring end gap (Top):0.260-0.360 mm (0.0102-0.0142 in)
Ring end gap (Second):0.850-1.150 mm (0.0335-0.0453 in)
Ring end gap (Oil):0.250-0.550 mm (0.0098-0.0217 in)
Number of main bearings:7
Crankshaft main journal diameter:82.962-83.013 mm (3.2662-3.2682 in)
Cylinder head
Cylinder head alloy:cast-iron
Valve arrangement:OHV, gear driven
Valves:4,(24 valves in total)
Valve steam diameter (INTAKE):6.960-7.010 mm (0.274-0.276 in)
Valve steam diameter (EXHAUST):6.960-7.010 mm (0.274-0.276 in)
Camshaft lobe height (INTAKE):47.175-47.855 mm (1.8573-1.8841 in)
Camshaft lobe height (EXHAUST):45.632-46.312 mm (1.7965-1.8233 in)
Camshaft journal diameter №1 and 7:54.028-54.048 mm (2.1271-2.1279 in)
Camshaft journal diameter №2-6:53.962-54.013 mm (2.1245-2.1265 in)

Tightening torque specs

Tightening procedure and torque specs
Main bearing cap Step 1: 50 Nm; 5.0 kg·m; 37 ft·lb
Step 2: 80 Nm; 8.0 kg·m; 59 ft·lb
Step 3: Turn all bolts 90°
Connecting rod bearing bolts Step 1: 30 Nm; 3.0 kg·m; 22 ft·lb
Step 2: 60 Nm; 6.0 kg·m; 44 ft·lb
Step 3: Turn all bolts 60°
Flywheel fixing bolts137 Nm; 14.0 kg·m; 101 ft·lb
Head tightening procedure and torque specs Step 1: 70 Nm; 7.0 kg·m; 52 ft·lb
Step 2: Back off 360°
Step 3: 105 Nm; 10.5 kg·m; 77 ft·lb
Step 4: Verify: 105 Nm; 10.5 kg·m; 77 ft·lb
Step 5: Turn all bolts 1/4 turn

Service Data

Cylinder compression pressure
Minimum:24.0 bar (24.5 kg/cm2; 350 psi)
Valve clearance
Intake valve clearance (COLD):0.25 mm (0.010 in)
Exhaust valve clearance (COLD):0.50 mm (0.020 in)
Oil system
Lubrication system:Forced lubrication
Oil type:CD or higher
Recommended oil:SAE 5W4-40
Oil capacity:11.4 L (12.05 US. qt, 10.03 Imp. qt.)
Oil pressure: 69 kPa (10 psi) at Idle rpm
207 kPa (30 psi) at 2,500 rpm
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