Yamaha EF1000A

Yamaha EF1000AThe Yamaha EF1000A is a 120V, single-phase, brushless, AC portable generator.

The Yamaha EF1000A generator uses a single-cylinder Yamaha MZ85 gasoline engine with 84 cc; (5.13 cu.in.) of displacement. The cylinder bore and the piston stroke are 50.0 mm (1.97 in) and 43.0 mm (1.69 in), respectively. The MZ85 engine produced 2.0 PS (1.5 KW; 2.0 HP) at 3,600 rpm of maximum horsepower.

General information

Generator Specifications
Model Yamaha EF1000A
Dimensions (L x W x H): 399 x 305 x 410 mm (15.7 x 12.0 x 16.1 in)
Dry weight (without tines) 23.0 kg (50.7 lbs)
AC Rated voltage: 120V
AC Rated output: 0.8 KVA (800 watts) 6.7A
AC Maximum output: 0.8 KVA (800 watts) 6.7A
AC Cycles: 60 Hz
DC output:
Fuel tank capacity 3.8 L (1 US gal, 0.8 Imp. gal)
Engine model Yamaha MZ85
Displacement 84 cm3 (5.13 cu-in)
Bore x stroke 50.0 x 43.0 mm (1.97 x 1.69 in)
Max. horsepower 2.0 PS (1.5 kW, 2.0 HP) at 3600 rpm
Max. torque
Carburetor Horizontal type, butterfly valve
Cooling system Forced-air
Starting system Recoil starter
Stoping system
Fuel used Unleaded gasoline (octane number 86 or higher)
Oil system
Lubricating system Splash type
Oil type YAMALUBE 4 or API SE
Recommended oil 10W-30
Oil capacity 0.43 liters (0.45 US.qts, 0.38 Imp. qts)
Ignition system
Ignition system CDI
Spark plug NGK BPR6HS
Spark plug gap 0.6-0.7 mm (0.024-0.028 in)

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